Why Realme GT NEO 3T is best realme 5G mobile phone for ever in 2023?

Which is Realme best 5G mobile phone and 5G Realme phone price lists:-

If you are in the market for a new realme 5g mobile phone, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce you to the Best realme 5G mobile phones in online India and selected realme phone price lists.

These smartphones are well-equipped with the latest features and specifications, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Whether you are a student, a professional, or just someone looking for a new smartphone, we have got you covered. So, let’s dive in!

Here you can see listed top-1 Realme 5G mobile phone with selected Realme phone price list included:-

Based on input from tech experts and public opinion, we have choose the best available for purchase online, evaluated these devices to ensure that they meet the highest standards of performance, quality, and value. With this list, you can confidently choose a smartphone that meets your needs and budget without compromising on features or functionality.

so before you buy, Please read carefully and take decisions with out confusion from Realme 5G mobile phone. and if you like the features and Realme phone price list before we selected than you can procced to buy in online.

here we can explain to selected latest best Realme 5G mobile phone Realme GT NEO 3T 80W:-

And know to how this realme 5G mobile phone under 30000rs based on the best  features for your budget. We need to know the feature and specification of selected Realme 5G mobile phone include them in our article now,

Realme GT NEO 3T 80W:-

Features and specification of Realme GT NEO 3T 80W:-

  1. 5000Mah battery,
  2. Snapdragon 870 5G Chipset,
  3. 6.62 Inches AMOLED E4 Display,
  4. Stainless steel vapour cooling system plus,
  5. 64MP+8+2 Rare camera and,
  6. 16MP Selfie Camera,
  7. 8GB OR 6GB RAM+13GB OF Additional dynamic RAM,
  8. 128GB AND 256 GB internal storage available in market

Let me explain the details about the advantages of features and more:-

  1. 5000Mah battery,

The Realme GT neo 3t provides 80W Supper charger with TYPE-C cable in the box. Actually the Realme says GT NEO 3T will charge 50% with in 12minutes. but this device From 0 to 100, charging time is within 30minutes only. It reached around 50°C  or 52°C  Temperature from 0 to 100 during charging time.

Actually realme says the device battery backup comes to 24hrs calls, 88hrs music. 26hrs video playback,

From a 100% full battery, when playing PUBG or FREE FIRE on realme, it gives you 5hours and 30minutes for andriod gaming. it gives a backup without use of around 2 to 2.5 days of backup time. Therefore, Realme GT NEO 3T is the best choice to consider for both gaming and backup.

      2.Snapdragon 870 5G Chipset,

The Realme GT NEO 3T smartphone comes with the Snapdragon 870 5G flagship  chipset included. So you can enjoy lag-free gaming and a smooth gaming experience with the help of a 120Hz display and a stainless steel vapor ultra-fast cooling system.

      3. 6.62 Inches AMOLED 120Hz E4 Display,

Real GT NEO 3T using samaung’s imported 6.62 Inches AMOLED 120Hz E4 Display only with additionally Neo refresh rate feature is included. which is great future in the device. So when we watching movies or video it presents great output with speed and smoot Touch experience to Realme users.

This smartphone automatically switches to different refresh rates based on users’ demands or usage conditions. There are three types of refresh rates included in this Realme smartphone.

  • 120hz Dynamic refresh rate
  • 1000hz  Instant touch sampling rate
  • 360hz touch sample rate

In this touch sample rate will help PUBG and FREE-FIRE lovers when playing Havy game in the smartphones. really which is great feature…

When it comes to sunlight visibility, in my opinion, this smartphone is above average. It’s ok, but not amazing.

      4.Stainless steel Vapour cooling system plus,

The Realme used to manufactured with Stainless steel Vapour cooling system plus which great feature also. actually Prevously we already Discous about heating issues, when it battery charging, the phones Temprature will reach out 50°C  or 52°C Temprature which to high,

The reason why the phone is appearing 50°C or 52°C is because we used an 80W charger adapter, which charges the phone fully within 30 minutes, putting more pressure on the battery.

But no issue, the temperature will be controlled when we put the battery on charging or play games with the help of the stainless steel vapor cooling system and advanced features. this feature really helpful to Realme users or customers.

      5.64MP+8MP+2MP Tripule camera setup  and, 16MP Selfie Camera,

Realme offers a remarkable camera setup that comprises a 64MP primary camera with an impressive f/1.79 aperture and a wide 119° viewing angle. Additionally, there is an 8MP ultra-wide angle camera and a 2MP macro camera with autofocus capabilities. The camera trio performs exceptionally well, especially the macro camera, which delivers stunning close-up shots.

On the front side, there is a 16MP selfie camera that also produces excellent output. Overall, the camera setup on Realme is truly exceptional and provides users with a range of features and capabilities that enable them to capture stunning photos and videos with ease. You can capture UHD 4K video using primary 6MP camera.

The camera feature is:-

  1. The Super night mode feature of this device is truly exceptional, particularly considering its affordability within its respective price range.
  2. Bokeh effects is giving nice out out.
  3. Panorama is ok.
  4. Slow-motion performance good.

     6.Realme GT neo 3T Storage,

The Realme GT Neo 3T boasts an impressive 128GB of inbuilt UFS 3.1 storage, making it a top contender in the market for high storage capacity smartphones. With options for 8GB+128GB and 256GB variants, users can enjoy ample space to store all their favorite apps and games without any lag or performance issues.

It’s important to note, however, that while the device does offer impressive storage backup, there is no SD card slot available for expanding the storage capacity even further.

Get ready to take your gaming experience to the next level with the Realme GT Neo 3T, equipped with a whopping 13GB dynamic RAM. This powerful feature comes in handy when running heavy games like PUBG or New-States, as well as other demanding applications.

You can expect a smooth and seamless performance that is truly a game-changer. Don’t miss out on the incredible benefits this device has to offer!

That is precisely why we have included the Realme 5G mobile phone in our list of recommended devices. We highly encourage you to review the Realme phone price list online before making your purchase, and also consider the impressive Realme GT Neo 3T.


In conclusion, the Realme 5G mobile phone is an exceptional device that offers top-notch features at an affordable price. Before making a purchase, it is highly recommended to review the Realme phone price list online to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

By doing so, you can be confident that you are making an informed decision and getting the most value for your money. So if you’re in the market for a high-quality smartphone with 5G capabilities, the Realme 5G mobile phone is definitely worth considering.


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